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Our Debt Recovery Process


The Initial (Demand) Stage

Firstly, your case analysis is made by our Case manage to whom you’ll be submitting your case. He will look into your case and consult the Collection Officers to work out the best possible strategy for your debt recovery.

The recovery methods shall be specific to your case requirements and keeping in view your continual of business with your debtors and other specifications of your case, this process is carefully done.

A simple telephone call, to your debtor, for the sake of debt recovery is made at this early stage. However, if your debtor is out of reach, then the process of tracing your debtor initiates. We will undergo a free search to locate your debtor to further proceed in Debt Collection Process.

Advance Recovery Stage

If the debt collection is not completed by stage 1, we enter in stage 2 and send out a DEMAND LETTER to your debtor for debt recovery.

You will be updated about each and every step in detail. Our case manager will consult with you and our Debt Collection team to come up with an effective strategy for your debt recovery.

The idea of updating is a proper discussion with you regarding where your case stands at the specific moment. This will ensure the speedy progress in debt collection as well as your precious input and individual perspective is properly received by us. Your feedback is priceless.

The extended level stage is simply another effort of contacting your debtor to proceed in Debt Recovery.

Enforcement Stage

If your debts are not recovered by stage 2, in stage 3 the Dubai debt collection team will investigate the whole matter and would be visiting your debtor’s business location or would trace his whereabouts and may visit the debtor.

Usually, the debt is collected by stage 2, after the demand letter. However, in stage 3 the team makes sure that your debtor clears the outstanding debt. All this is carried out in a professional and amicable business manner.