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Our Fees

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Our Fee Structure

(We charge our fees prior to the collection agreement between you and us. This fee is budget-friendly and is comprised of admission fee and recovery fee. Our special offers and rates are negotiable and you will be informed about them accordingly)

  • The admission fee is payable when you make the collection agreement with us. It is always under 10% of the original amount to be recovered.


  • The recovery fee is simply a part of the amount recovered through us. However, you will have to pay only after your amount is recovered.
  • Our special offers and rates are negotiable, cost-effective and competitive in the market. Moreover, you will be charged according to your case, requirements, the date you may provide us, the nature of the date and an estimate of how much work is to be done by us.


The Credit Management Package

We offer a wide range of debt recovery services, including a designated high profiler debt recovery system. This is a comprehensive credit management and recovery of your debts.

The credit management package include special credit recovery program that is designed to meet the demands and requirements of the clients with dedicated individual attention to each client.

  • A complete financial solution is provided to you
  • An in-depth analysis into your case with optimized debt recovery approach
  • This package comes up with exclusive prices according to your budget
  • We offer top notch and quality services to our clients with maximum job dedication and providing solutions for their debts recovery and collections.
  • We have the best success rate in Dubai Credit Management companies and our long list of satisfied customers and their success stories are mere proof of our professional and devoted services rendered to our respected clients.


We are the best in Dubai, and we deliver what we promise.

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