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Debt Collection is a professional debt collection agency with 10 years’ experience in personal and commercial debt collection.

About Us


Founded in Dubai in 2005, and carrying on the success story ever since, The Dubai Debt Collection Company is the amazing choice for hundreds and thousands of clients from all over the world.

We are a 10 year experienced credit management company, based in Dubai, whose mission is to serve you better and make your credits management easier with no fear of non-payments from your business credits. Our name is a symbol of success. Our track record is glorious when it comes to services, clientage, satisfaction and professionalism in debt collectors market, both locally and internationally.

We are reliable and professional when it comes to be dealing with your debtor. We do it amicably and keeping the job done at the same time. This requires experience, that we have, and expertise, that we exhibit with a very long list of satisfied customers. Our clients know all about us for past 10 years and our success stories are proof of our business growth and increasing clientage.

Our dealing ensures your good relations with your debtor, compensation fees are nominal, progressive and positive approach toward your case, success rate is 90%( which is no 1 in Dubai for any other debt collectors) and the list goes on.

Why Choose Us?

    • The best success rate in Dubai Debt Collection Market, i.e. 90%
    • The best team of debt collection specialists and professionals
    • The top company award winner in debt collection field from 2012-2015
    • The most qualified debt collectors in Dubai
    • The amazing cost-effective rates for our respected clients
    • The top rated great services for the past 10 years now got better with Debt Recovery, Special Documentation for our customers
    • The top notch budget-friendly offers and exclusive discounts that no other company dreams about
    • The only Debt Collectors in Dubai that deal at both local and international levels
    • The practical strategy in debt recovery that works for the clients

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